CCMX, HalfMoon, and JMXP

I am leaving for NC next saturday(2/7) to ride for the week. Have any of you guys been to these tracks? How are they? We are staying in Wilmington NC. Are there any other tracks around there?

Crystal coast is by far the most challenging track of the three that you listed. Chuck (the owner) is a great guy and he has guys come down here from as far north as New York. I have never ridden at Trazak, but I hear that it is pretty nice as well.

crystal coast is soo much fun and the track is always groomed very well.

im coming down from massachussetts. I have heard many good things about crystal coast but never heard of the other two until i was looking for tracks to go to. I heard that trazack closed but is going to be opening again?

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