Need Help Starting Bad!!!

Can someone just try to explain why my bike would start INSTANTLY when I put it in 2nd gear, roll, and pop the clutch, and it doesn't start via kick start...If it were my valve clearances, lack of spark, carb problem, etc etc...then it shouldn't fire up instantly and run fine by the first method. I don't understand.

You are spinning the motor more than 3 or 4 revs when you bump start it, and you are spinning faster. That makes leaky valves less important to combustion. But I doubt that's the only issue............if it is the issue......

You should also:

- check the fuel screw is out only 1.5 - 2 turns

- check the hotstart plunger is well seated

- replace the gas. Old gas is a waste of time

- turn the idle up a bit

- clean out the pilot jet: OLD GAS WILL CLOG IT

Is there a direct correlation to a dead battery or no battery hooked up to getting it running? I have not got my bike running right, rode it down the street once then died pushed it back. The battery was out the whole time and the proper wire was grounded to the frame, I am waiting on parts before I mess around with it more, the battery will be hooked up and charged.

ON my bike, there is a 100% direct correlation between the battery and starting. If the battery is hooked up and charged, I can kick start in 1-2 kicks and e-start really fast...I don't use e-start for cold starts as I have a small battery now....With no battery I have to bump start it...once started it runs normal either way.

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