1986 XR250R speedometer

After a 10 year seperation im back in the XR world. Just bought a 1986 XR250R in good shape and first project is to make it street legal. I need to setup a speedometer for this bike anybody know the simplest way to go about doing so?

Will al digital unit work for legal requirements??? If not just get a 86' (or similair year) XL250 front wheel and speedo.

I saw one (stock used) on ebay and the price was being bid into the stratosphere! I couldn't believe how high it was and it wasn't even done. I wish my '95 XR250R still had it 'cause I'd sell that sucker.

For your cheapest route you might consider a wireless speedo for a mountain bike. They have great features and are durable too.

I pulled the spedo off of my XL500R and put it on my friend's XR250 to pass inspection. I saw the same spedo on ebay for $35 yesterday. Any japanese spedo will work

Whats going to power the digital ? I am not familiar with their operation? My intention was to buy an OEM or salvaged speedo but as BigOSPig said price is frightening.

joneill4 whats the comonality of the cables?

Anybody know of a parts bike with a working speedo for sale reasonable?

I think all of the cables are the same.

I like the Trail Tech Vector digital display. It has an odometer, trip odometer,and spedometer. It can also be programed to alert you when it is time to change your oil based on whatever parameters you choose. It runs off of watch batteries, or you can hook it into your lighting circuit so that it is a backlit display anytime the bike is running. The Vector can also be used as an enduro computer with the available accessory switch, if you are so inclined. I have it on my XR400 and like it.

It's a fairly simple installation too. It took me less than an hour to install. XR's only also has a spacer for the front hub so that you can remove the old speedo drive, which if it's original, could be another piece just waiting to go bad.

By the way, the XR250 is a great bike for getting around on the National Forest trails here in Wyoming too. Enjoy!

I put an XL speedo on. It was a little tight behind #plate and had to make a bracket to hold it. Cable matches right up.

I have been using a digital scwinn pedal bike speedo I got at Meijer for 12 bucks. The wire was a little short but works run along the stock speedo cable and you need to mod the magnet to fit the spokes. I plan to get a trail tech eventually!

If you want something nice that's reasonable there's a guy on fleabay that sells a very nice aluminum mounting bracket with a new speedo/odo mounted and a keyed ignition switch for about $100.

For a short time he had the VERY nice ATK speedos that were available briefly when ATK went under. I got the first one of those. :p Those are long gone, but it still looks nice with the round unit he's using now. All new parts, looks great. Probably only reasonable if you're going to dual sport it as I am. Then the keyed ignition becomes very nice.

Pretty much any Honda Speedo from an XL or XR with a 21" front wheel will work. I switched to a digital bike speedo on my '82 XL250r and gave my speedo to my buddy to put on his '88 XR250R. Worked great!

I just got an '00 XR400 that came with a speedo that looks identical to what I had on my '75 XL175. I would say if you can fab up a bracket that is your cheapest route.

However I have a trail tech endurance on my XR250L and like it much better than the analog. I also had the Vapor on my FT500. It was sweet! Very easy to read night or day, and I like having a Tach more than a speedo anyways. The Endurance has an on board battery which gets replaced every 2-3 years. The Vapor can be power from the bike, a 9V battery or the internal battery. The screen backlight is dimmer when you don't provide a powersource.

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