2001 kx250

ok guys just picked this up.http://elmira.craigslist.org/bar/1054381681.html whats the good an bad of these bikes.guy told me that he ran 2 tanks of gas through it,then it lost compression,took jug of an the rings are stuck into piston,jug has a gouge in it thats about 1/4 wide an 3 inches long running from top of jug down.i got a new jug an head with it an the piston an rings for that jug.crank did spin when i looked at it now that i have it home it only moves(spins)about a 1/2-1 inch.all bearings good wheels strait an tight,plastic an graphics almost brand new.suspension was rebuilt buy pro action,brand new pro taper fat bars,fmf fatty,pro circuit muffler,front tire dunlop 756 and is about 85%,back tire is dunlop756 an is almost new,an got a service manual,was this worth 600 bucks.does anyone know what number o the vin# will tell me the year or point into the right place to check it myself.plus if motor needs to be torn down could i throw the motor from my 96 in it to run it while i tinker with the other motor.i try to post some pics later too.thanks kawie:ride:

Fine bike but needs work for sure. I would split the cases and probably put in a crank and main bearings and seals, if you have a brand new top end make the bottom end new too. I like your 96s 1st gear better than the 01s so I would also change to a 94-98 1st gear at the samw time but that is just me not evert one feels that way. BTW all the other gears are the samw between the 96 and the 01.

As for the numbers go to Kawasaki.con the owners info and use the VIN # and it should tell what year it is. Good luck.


well looks like a 2000kx but thats ok with me.the jug head an piston are not new,the guy got them used somewhere as a whole unit.thanks kawie:ride:

another question i have is it possible to make a kdx hybrid ot of this 2000 kx250,or do you have to use the kx125.thanks kawie:ride:

I don't know how you can distinguish between the 2000 and the 2001 from that photo.....BUT I have a 2000 and I agree a lower 1st would be very nice. I use mine mostly for low speed trails and I find that 1st gear doesn't "granny" like I would prefer. 600 buck seems like a very good deal since you can basically have a brand new engined bike for less than 1500 bucks total.

well i know its a 2000 cause i bought it an ran the vin# like no1clyde told me to do(thanks) an it came back as a 2000 model.now i just need to figure out what to do,run my 96 an rebuild the 2000,run 2000 with my 96 motor,or see if i could make a hybrid out of it.thanks kawie :worthy::banghead::lol:

well here some pics of bike an the trashed cylinder tell me what you think about bike an if any one might have an idea on what happened to cylinder let me know.IMG_1852.jpgIMG_1851.jpgIMG_1850.jpgIMG_1849.jpgIMG_1848.jpg thanks kawie:ride:

well i decide what im going to do with this bike.im going to strip it and paint frame an swinger,and rebuild everything else.i decided since i got the whole universal clamp set that so peeeeerty that i might as well make the rest as well.im going to keep it original by keeping the colors al stock.ill take a few pics along the way an post them,but its going to be a long haul process.does the wiseco bottom end kit come with every seal an bearing an gasket for the bottom end,i just want to do it an make sure its all replaced wih new.thanks kawie :p:ride:

That is one of the prettiest, blown-up bikes I have ever seen!

Cool avatar, too!

i finally got all the plastic off this weekend an took it inside an cleaned it up.

IMG_1859.jpg this is the parts cleaned an put away

IMG_1857.jpg this is a seat cover i bought that didnt fit my 96kx but it fitsthis one

IMG_1853.jpg this is a rear fender graphics that i had for the 96 but it fit the 2000 too.ill post some more pics if you guys like as i work on this.i would post in the winter makeover thread but it probaly will not be done till next winter.plan to have rest of bike stripped buy this coming weekend an then start painting as the weather permits.thanks kawie :p

Hey Kawie;

I have an 01 that I trashed the motor on not long after I bought it. My cylinder looked worse than yours (Ingested sandy water) and I sent it to "US Chrome" in Wisconsin. The stripped the bore and replated it to better than new; I ordered a Piston/Ring kit from them too. I picked up a Hot Rods crank New for cheap along with a gasket set and had a local guy redo my bottom end (I didn't have the tools to split the cases). I think I had right at $800 between all the parts and labor to re-do the motor. I had to put the top end together myself which saved a couple hundred on labor.

Unfortunately for me; I also needed to re-do my suspension which was as much as the motor work.

well i havent had the time to work on this bike that i thought i would but here is what ive got done so far.



heres my $50.00 ebay score.



thanks kawie :)

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