1999 jr50 intake restrictor

where is the stock intake restictor everyone is talking about::lol:

sorry double post....

Directly under the intake, not the carb side. Sits either right on top of or below the intake gasket. I just pulled the one off Breydens 99' JR50 a few days ago. It will be stuck to the gasket so pull them off and carefully pull it away from the gasket, then put the gasket back on the bike.

thanks, i just freshend up the top end and when it was apart , that was not in there!!!!

No problem. I bought my sons last week and it wouldn't run except for at idle. Once removed he was able to ride the bike. I had to go completely through the carb to get it back to normal life.

another thing is the silencer was never on the bike when we got it, how much will that hurt the power?

Now I'm not sure on that one. surely someone will know.

i hope someone can help me!!!!!!!!!!

some people say it will work better w/out it and some say w/out it, it will run like crap! I don,t know cause it was never there.

I can tell you if you ride it (or any adult) it will be gutless, ours is and it has the exhaust all intact, carb tuned in correctly now and both restrictors removed. Its fine with Breyden riding it but its a whole other story with me. You should be able to find one from some one on here that has replaced theirs with aftermarket and pick it up pretty cheap.

I guess if you want I could go ride ours for a minute then take the silencer off and ride it again to see if there is a difference. Probably be pretty darn loud.

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