Will the 2009 white fenders bolt to 07 CRF80?

I jsut picked up a brand new 2008 CRF80 for the little fella, it was a left over model and was $600 cheaper than the 2009 and had an extra 2 years warranty added on. He loves it, but he also likes the new white fenders. I know these bikes havn't changed much since being XR's a few years ago, but if it is like any other products, they probably change just enough that you can't swap the parts. So does anyone know if I could pick up a rear fender from an 09 and whether it would bolt up properly?


*edit* maybe the trail bikes don't have white fenders. I just saw that all the motocross bikes did and assumed it was across the lineup. This thread may be irrelevant. :lol:

Yep. The trail bikes do not have white fenders.

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