Where to ride & camp in April???

If you had 7 days to get the F out of LA/OC to go camping/riding/fishing/shooting...where would you go? The kids are on Spring break April 4th thru 12th and we want to go camping and bring the toys (WR426, Rhino 700, Grizzly 550, TTR 110, XR50). I would head to Kennedy Meadows or similar if it was June...but what about in April? We also love to fish & shoot/hunt.

Any idea's sure would be appreciated!


PS: We can travel anywhere within 500 miles of OC!

how about the randsburg area. Gohler Heights by the old air strip is a great place.

Do you have a link to the area? Thx!

Pi Pi Valley/Elkins Flat up out of Jackson, Stoneyford out of Williams, Georgetown OHV Area, Penny Pines near Upper Lake and Cow Mountain or Knoxville-Both BLM Land near Lake County.

Pi Pi has everything but you will want to check on the snow level as it gets closer.

Were you talking about Kennedy Meadows near Pinecrest?

Georgetown OHV Area I'll 2nd that!

Obviously the weather the next couple of weeks will really make it or break it as far as snow and rideability...

I have camped up there in mid April. From what I have heard we are in for some warmer weather next week- mid 60's...

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