520 sx help with carb

Hey guys. Well i have been on computer about 3 hours now searching with no luck.

I am in need of a pic of right(throttle side) of a carb off a 01 KTM 520 sx. Other carbs off diff. model , through my searching are the same. I am no expert. very novice

There is a pin sticking out of bowl. through the throttle linkage it hooks to rod and pushes it up and down as throttle is being turned. I don't know how to hook spring up to it.

Please post pic

many thanks


please help. if you can't post a pic of your carb(right side) please show me a link where i might see one




I have one, I do not know how to post it but if you would email me I will send it to you.


by the way if you get stuck I do recondition these carbs regularly and they had some serious issues with those years that I have the fix for.

email sent thank you sir

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