Oil in Coolant

Noticed that my coolant seems to have a black residue in it. Seems to look like (and smell like) oil in the coolant. Would this be caused by a bad head gasket? NOT getting any milky white substance in the oil, which I would think would indicate a bad head gasket.

probably a headgasket. I have seen stopleak look kind of similar to oil in the coolant though.

Flush it and ride it easily for 15 mins. If its bad you'll know then.

if it was oil in the coolant it would be white not black.

If it were oil in your coolant and your oil was black (dirty) I would think it would be black not white.

Checked again after a ride yesterday and it's definitely a black residue in the coolant - looks and smells like oil. Also getting a lot of oil blow by out of the breather hose. Thinking it might be time for a top end.

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