TTR 125 hard to get into 2nd gear

I'm new to the forum so please excuse this question:

My TTR 125 suddenly got harder to shift from 1st to 2nd gear. When I kick the shifter up it just goes to neutral.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

I'm guessing its bent and hitting the case so you can't move it high enough to get it all the way into second gear.

ive been having the same issue, it just pops right into neutral instead of going into second, major pain in the butt..Does yours pop in and out of gear as well. Cuz thats what mine is doing and i cant stand it, time for some new parts...

It has popped out once I think. I'm wondering if it just needs adjusted???

I think it just needs some adjustment. My TT-R 125 used to do that too. But u also have to just pull up with ur foot a lil harder on the shift lever.

I've had that issue with several of my bikes that I fixed by adjusting the shift lever a few teeth lower. I have big feet and can't get my toe as high as the small guys they design these bikes for...

I've done it to every bike I've ever owned, and my wife's TTR and my son's TTR.

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