Charlotte NC area MECHANIC wanted for XR650R.....

I want to UNCORK my 2000 XR 650R.....but don't want to pay Motorcycle Dealer shop prices....... Any tips from forum members regarding a good guy to do this...... I cannot do the carb work, wouldn't even try it. ANYONE in the Charlotte NC area??? Like to find someone VERY familiar with the BRP.


May I suggest, ever so gently, that you buy a Shop manual and tackle it yourself.

Is it your lack of time, or percieved mechanical in-ability, or lack of space???

With a few hand tools it is sooooo do-able!

You will find lots a people here on TT that will respond to your posted problems/questions if you should get in a bind. (me included)

If it's a time thing, I get it. However, sooner or later your gonna be out riding and have a mechanical issue and knowing some basic Carb/jetting stuff is gonna be a life saver. Not to mention other stuff. Plus it can be fun.

Put the word out and host a tech day for other locals to get together and figure it all out!

Did I convince ya???

I second that notion. :lol:

If you can change your own oil you can uncork it with a manual. It pays dividends to be familiar with your machine anyhow. Plus, it will make you smile more, when riding, knowing you did it all yourself. :worthy:

I sent you an email with the link to a pdf manual.

later Roger

I uncorked mine and had some problems with the carb but they are worked out now. Im a sheet metal worker, not a bike mechanic so I did alot of reading and searching this forum, a few other forums and the net before I started on it. Took one saturday and a couple times out riding it to dial in after the rejetting. If you need the links I used for the carb sites, let me know and I can send them.

Its pretty easy to do. :p

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