susp.questions 07 crf250r

I weigh 180lbs. what springs and set up are the best thanks

Stock Spring Rates:

Fork: 0.45 kgmm

Shock: 5.3 kgmm

Recommended Spring Rates:

Fork: 0.43 kg/mm

Shock: 5.2 kg/mm

Recommended Springs:

Fork: 4349544


Shock: 646726552


Per spring calculator.

I thought the bike was setup from factory for someone 180lbs., this calculator is showing a big difference?

180-200. You should be fine once you set the sag and play with the rebound and compression. What Woodracer250 has listed for you is 100% exact to your weight. But with companies like mx-tech, race-tech, pro-action, ect, they're much more precise.


I run stock springs and I'm just fine w/ them. I was on the edge, but I'm glad I didn't drop the coin for something I didn't need. :p

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