New to me 2001 KDX220

Hi Guys,

I just bought a 2001 KDX220. It was a good deal, but needed some work. So I had the top end rebuilt with a wiseco piston, had the power valve cleaned, put some new plastic, handle bars and hand guards, new chain, and new tires to come.

I had this all done at a local shop. They changed the tranny oil, but I think they forgot to put new stuff in as I noticed there is a little "eye" on the side of the case and I couldn't see any oil in there.

Luckily there is snow here, so I haven't ridden it yet.

What type of oil should I use?


Any 4 stroke motorcycle oil will work, 700ml for my 200. Should be marked by the fill how much yours holds.

Could go into the thought of, since they "forgot" to put oil in the gearcase, what else they may have "forgot" in the rebuild.. but i won't.

Sleep well.:lol:

Bit of advice: get a shop manual, some tools, and do your own work on your bike.

If you are not fust about the oil you use a 10w 30 or 10w 40 motor oil will be ok .

10w30 would work good, but most on the shelf in that grade are energy conserving, carry the starburst symbol (not clutch friendly). Some of the "high milage" flavor 10w30 are OK, just read the labels. No 10w40 are EC, so no worries there, might be thicker than what you like though. I'd also try ATF, and see if it works better.

I used to run Motul gear oil but the Belray lightweight gear oil sure does make my bike shift a lot eaier. I noticed the clutch action is smoother as well.

Hi Guys,

They changed the tranny oil, but I think they forgot to put new stuff in as I noticed there is a little "eye" on the side of the case and I couldn't see any oil in there.

Absolutley Fkn AMAZING! :lol::worthy:

No wonder I never let anyone do this activity for me.


did you hold your bike straight up and down? if its over on the kick stand or whatever you have you cannot look into it and see oil.

It was on an aluminum bike stand (not a kickstand) so it was perfectly level.

They are really good guys and they do great work, but everyone makes mistakes. I'm just glad I noticed it before I rode it.

So if I have Honda 10w40 engine oil, that will work fine? How much does the bike hold?

Lean it over to the right to see just how low it is.

Fill it to the middle part of the window.

Yeah, I leaned it way over.....there's nothing! Unless it is clear as water, but I don't think so.

Hmm. That's odd. That is a good catch on your part!!

I filled it up with Honda 4 stroke oil. It said on the back of the bottle that it could also be used for 2 stroke gear/transmission oil. It was the only think I had in the garage other than Petro Canada diesel oil.

Thanks for all the help!

I've always used ATF in my 2 storkes and never had a problem....

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