1986 XL600 voltage question

recently bought my first bike ever....an enduro xl600. The guy I bought it from had all the enduro parts off of it....said they rattled to much. bike runs great. the head lamp and tail lights were burnt out...and im trying to figure out the wiring to put everything back on. Also has bad battery....when i started the bike and tested with my multimeter im getting 40 volts at anywhere i can get voltage.....could this be a bad voltage rectifier? and if so could the enduro parts have been taken off by the previous owner becuase the high voltage fried the circuitry? in the components?

thanks...im completely new to dirt biking other than just a bit of riding when i was a kid


Yes it's either a bad or just not connected right regulator. The XL has two electrical systems. One is AC for the headlight and the other id DC for the signals, horn, etc.

You need a wiring diagram at a minimum. A book is beter.

Here are a few that I found on Google.

For the 85 XL600


+1 Sounds like a bad or improperly plugged in regulator/rectifier.

I doubt this has killed anything important, just blows out bulbs as you have stated.

thanks for the wiring diagram...looks complicated...i know the head light and tail light on the bike are aftermarket and neither are hooked up but once were and i have no idea whatthe previous owner did to make them work...also dont know how to hook them up to the typical honda oem configuration since its an AC system.....i dont know why they couldnt just stick to one or the other ( ac or dc) instead of both

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