1996 Gas Gas 250?

Anything wrong with these? There's one for sale near me for $900, but I don't know anything about them. Seems like a good price, in the photos it's VERY clean. Thanks...

Well parts are going to be a batch to get because they changed big time in 98. If it is in clean shape thoe you are set. Post up a link or some photos.

The only parts that are going to be hard to get are the radiator shrouds.

The rear fender,and side pannels are 94-98 KX, The swingarm bearings are same as 98, wheels same as 98, And the engine is a TM, So if it looks good i wouldn't be afraid of it myself.

And the engine is a TM, So if it looks good i wouldn't be afraid of it myself.

I believe the LAST year of the TM 250cc engines (in GasGas) was '95...most all the engine parts on the current 250 started out in '96, indicated by the common part number prefix ("ME256"_ _ _ _ _, where the "6" refers to the first year of use for that part..., ie-1996 in this case); the only 'significant' changes were the discontinued engine balancer (approx '98), L main bearing in '01, updated trans shaft in '02 and new cases in '05 (I know I'm forgetting some stuff :lol: )

Suspension has changed a fair amount, as have the ergos and brakes...otherwise, there's a great deal of similarities between '96-2006...'07 gets new rear subframe...with lot's of 'new' parts...

Gotta agree with 'Gasserman'...i wouldn't be afraid of this bike either!

Sorry I was informed that 98 was when it was a relitavely new bike. Mabe pick her up then if its anything like a 98.

Ive even got a brand new set of fenders kicking around for that year, I really like those counterbalanced engines.





Wow, how bikes change with time. That TM engine looks terrible to say the least. The 96 or 97 look fairly close to my 02 EC250.

Great bikes none the less.


and now


I had a 97 and a 98. good bikes. both had gasgas motors in them. dont know about the 96's. I had tranny problems with both when they got older and got lots of time on them though. Ck the tranny out, run it through the gears good before you buy. :p

I've got a 98 and have never had a problem with it (knock on wood). Great bike, fantasic in the rocks and with an aftermarket pipe it has a nice mid range hit and revs to the moon. The throttle is like a reostat, just dial it to what you want. Build quality is excellent.

I'm picking up a use BMW G450X on saturday and I feel like i'm cheating on the Gas Gas. I'f the Beemer doesn't live up to the Gas Gas, it's down the road.

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