help me get better at braking

so i have this kind of long straight at my local track followed by a 180 degree left turn, ill come in 4th gear pinned on my yz 250. ill just let off the gas and proggresevly input front brake then ill start to get nervous and ill just lock up the rear brake. im not satisfied by my braking skills, so i was wondering how i could increase them. is there any special technique i could try any tips?


You could draw or paint on a line a line on the ground with a good sized run at it. And just practice braking and stoping befor the line. That and riding is really the only way to practice your braking that I know of.

set markers where you normally start braking like the other guys said and come to a complete stop after you get on the brakes. chances are you'll be 20 to thirty feet from the turn. Then move the marker up some until you get it.

Whenever you are braking you should always use both brakes, otherwise you have not entered the turn fast enough. Pinch the bike with your legs, this will help you keep in a straight line. Don't be afraid of that front brake it will stop you much faster.

Practice stopping in a straight line with no turn you could overshoot. Set markers and try to stop sooner each time.

yes both brakes more front than rear and to prevent locking rear brake up which will cause the rear of the bike to slide or go sideways you tap the back brake this will help you stop faster and not slide out.

staying in a straight line while braking is more efficient that letting the rear slide out??

You'd be surprised how hard you have to get on the front brake to lock it up.... Ok pending what dirt your on. Loamy tracks you'll most likely start lifting your rear tire off the ground before you lock up your front brake. So don't be afraid to use your front brake!! Once you get good you can use your front brake to help lighten the rear end and help bring it around, then jump right back in the throttle and accelerate through and out of the turn! Good practice is to find a open area to ride and do big figure 8's where you can shift up to like 3 or 4 and then have to shift back down to 2 for the corner......

yea ive found that the front brake is also really helpful when wanting to kick the rear end out, it can be done with the rear brake alone but i seem to feel more confident when using both

don't forget to breathe - this helps you relax - and the result is better traction while braking.

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