Need help with removing grip from throttle body

I just bought a new dirtbike but the stock grips they have on suck. I removed the one easy with a utility knife. The one on the throttle body is completely glued on and I can't get it off unless I take very small chunks at a time. Does anyone know how to get that grip off alot easier then slowly cutting little chunks off with a utility knife. Please help!!!!!

cut as much off as you can, then use a wire wheel if you have one....otherwise you are left to scrape or sandpaper...

Air compressor set to 120lbs. Then use an air gun and start working in around the inside of the grip.

Use a hair dryer to soften the glue.

I always just cut mine off with an exacto knife. Supposedly an air compressor works also if you want to save them for some reason. I set mine with hair spray instead of glue. Do clean the tube with rubbing alcohol before you put on the new ones.

you could drop it in a jar of gas or thinner and it will melt it off

the grips are glued on from the factor. I swear the put a pound of glue on this one grip. There isn't one spot of grip that isn't glued. I will try the air compresser and hair dryer. I am almost at the point of just buying a throttle assembly.

Boil a pot of water when your wifes not home, turn off stove and submerge the tube for about 30 seconds, the glue disolves, the grip slides off and is still usable and like new.

Wear gloves and use a pliers for dunking, I do this evey year with my new KTM's, and then put the stock grips back on when I sell it.

Or you can hack and shave for a half hour with a knife and your tube with still have glue on it.

i always buy a new throttle tube if its the stock grip im replacing. its just not worth the time to me, ill pay the $10.00

then i use spraypaint as my adhesive, eazy on, sticks great, and eazy to replace.

I'd go right ahead and buy an aluminum throttle tube. The stock plastic tubes break easily.

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