Front Rotor Design

Hi All,

While my buddy and I were tinkering with our bikes yesterday we noticed a movement in the front end of his bike while holding the brake. He had just changed out the front wheel bearings so was sitting on the scoot and holding the brake while pumping the front end a bit. He noticed that there was still some play in it. After looking at it, it was due to the front rotor and a none solid design, the outter hub was shifting a bit with the brake. Mine did the same but not quite as bad. Mine is new vs. his being about a year old. Does anybody know the reason for this 2 piece rotor from Yamaha?

It's called a " floating disk " and it is two pieces so that it will not distort or warp from excessive heat during use. Hope this helps.

Yeah it works great, ive bent my rear disk heaps but i've never bent the front :)

The floating design helps to cushion shocks from braking that might otherwise be transfered direct to the hub and do bad stuff to the hub or the spokes...

It is normal to have a bit of play... find excessive play and you should be looking for a replacement item...


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