Clarksville, TN

Anyone from around Clarksville, TN ride? Trying to meet some locals for some riding.

No one? No wonder I never see anyone around. There is no one in this stinking town.

Theres alot of riders in the area. I'm in Dickson My three boys ride. Theres a great track in clarksville but its private! There are some moto people there. Ask around.We are going to Fast Farms Mx on Saturday. Its a great track. The closest racetrack is 40 acres mx in nunnelly. They are having a race on 3-22-09.

Actually from Clarksville you are close to 800mx. It's in Crofton, KY just north of Hopkinsville. We were riding there all the time and a new track opened up about 30 miles closer to us, but it's east on 40 so its farther from you.

Anyone from around Clarksville, TN ride? Trying to meet some locals for some riding.

Are you looking for single track woods or MX?

Glad to get replies. Been away on business so very late reply but I have never rode MX, would like to try but who knows. I am mainly a single track rider, probably b to c class.

Ever have any luck finding some woods riding around here? I live in Bellevue (just south of Nashville) and just got a KLX400sr (dual sport). Haven't ridden offroad much but would love to try sometime.

Some people from Nashville area come to Westpoint and ride. It is about 8-10 miles west of Loretto. Lots of singletrack, and great riding. 4996 acres, some of it has been mined out for iron ore, which makes for some real fun hillclimbs. You must be a member. to join go to NATRA (north alabama trail riders). they also hold a couple of hare scrambles, and one national enduro per year.

I ran westpoint last year. It's badass! Mix of east tn type woods and some alabama like terrain with a bit of south carolina pine tree pine needle riding. Really great area.

I'm from knoxville and we have quite a few places to ride in the area a bit farther east. There is some stuff around chattanooga I heard but I knew a few people from there that would come to my area frequently to ride because they hated the stuff over there.

If you are interested take a peak at a local riding forum.

There are a few guys on there that frequently travel out to races in your area as well and might know of some closer places.

Anyone from around Clarksville, TN ride? Trying to meet some locals for some riding.

I am from the middle TN area. Several of us usually head up to Land Between the Lakes on a regular basis. I would recommend checking out the Middle Tennessee Dirt Riders ( We normally have 1-2 club rides a month. The majority of the rides consist of woods riding....:bonk:

May be a little late notice, but the Souther Woods Riders is holding their 12th annual Fall Ride at Loretta Lynn's Dude Ranch this weekend (Oct 16- Oct 18). If you have never been, I would highly recommend going. There will be 700-1000 riders. Check out their website for all the details.

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