Starting Dual carbs vs Single carb

Starting Dual carbs vs Single carb

Is the a Difference in Starting procedure

for an 83-87(?) Dual carb

vs a 88(?) up Single carb?

The starting drill is the same.

Can't say I've ever tried starting a single carb bike, but three kicks with the ignition off and the manual compression release open almost always fires my dual carb bike on the fourth kick once the ignition is turned on.

I had 2 XL600R last summer. and 06xr650r now.

you have to do the "drill" for any big 4 stroke.

a properly jetted 2 carb XL600 will start on one kick, if you have good spark....

full choke, no throttle, get it just past tdc, and commit yourself to it.

after new cdi, stator, and fine tuning, my 87 xl600 would start with me sitting, not standing. even if I used a little throttle. ( no decompression cable on the kicker )

Here's my simple starting drill.. (86 XR600R)

Set the choke to the first position.

Bike in neutral.

Wind up kickstarter until you feel it stop.

Pull decompressor lever and move kickstarter one more inch.

Let go of decomp lever.

Give it a full kick.

If the bike doesn't start after the third kick, I turn the choke off and try a few more times. Unburt fuel builds up into a flooded condition.

40 deg F engine, mine sputtered on the first kick and I had a full start on the second.

Maybe I'll go make a video today. It's snowing lightly and that will make a nice effect for the cold start.

The dual carbed XR bikes are sensitive to float level. If the primary carb is too high it will be hard to start when hot...and the float level is not the same thoughout the years.

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