what to do after your 36mm PWK is dialed

The second best thing I've done to my '98 after the carb swap is the '98 RM125 forks.

They are also conventional style, but 49 mm in dia. and they are twin-chamber type. Another big advantage, and honestly the most important of all to me, is the straight -vertical- bar clamps, compared to the original 'rearward' clamps.

I use stock parts and oil level with a 'mix' of 3 parts of 5 wt oil and one part of 7 wt. Clickers, according to terrain. RM125 springs are 0.40, just like the RMX; RM250's are 0.45.

P.S.: I got them for $99 on ebay; the shipping to Chile was $105. They were in pristine condition. Very well spent $200...

I have to add that I also bought a new 260mm Braking rotor for under $100 (bracket and racing pads included), just because it was plain round, not 'waved' type.

This mod really works wonders with the carb, as the throttle-brake/throttle-brake on the trail has a much modern (should I say KTM?) feel.

No, No, NO! I will not follow you down another primrose path! :worthy:

So, where are the pics? :lol:



Careful, or someone is going to start tossing that "p" word around.... :lol:

The next time you have it apart, would you mind taking some pics of that nifty airbox? Inquiring minds want to know....

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