Are the OHLINS TTX (cartridge and shock) all that?

So I've heard some positive things regarding the OHLINS TTX, but wanted to hear some opinions from others that either have them or have ridden with them. I'm interested in hearing about the cartridge forks and rear shock.


I have a set for my forks on my KX450 they work GREAT.

The shock is smart in many concepts.

Does it mean stock components can't perform as well....that's up to you.

so far so good but not enough time due to hot model blonde bike being a bitch again and she broke her nail (decom pin) lol

thanks for the replies. I think I'll wait for more feedback.

pin fixed, ridin tom let you know rickk

Any pics on your bike?

I rode a DRZ400 for about 50 miles in Baja that had an Ohlins shock. It was really really good. The rebound was set way too fast, but the thing absorbed stuff like nothing I've ever ridden. The forks on the bike where stock and had been revalved by some pro tuner. The fork was terrible.

Not much of a review, but I hope you find it useful.

2 more hours on it and better every time out. can't wait to match it up with the DLC legs i'm gettin from davej :p

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