Need help! Slipper clutch install

Ok, so I finally get my slipper clutch that has been on back order since Dec. Its an Adige/Adler HU-52 for my 08 SMR 450. I follow the directions and even look at the install video from the website. I take out the old clutch pack and put in the new one. Everything is good until I put the original pusher back in followed by the pressure plate. The new pressure plate has a bearing in it which will not fit over the front of the pusher shaft. I think I might have the wrong pressure plate, (God I hope not) but I'm not sure. Not only that but there is a large black concave & grooved washer that came with everything and there is no mention of it in the directions. I don't know where it is suppose to go. Here are some pics of the pressure plate, 9 washers for the variable spring tention, the stock pusher,(which has its own washer between 2 flat washers) and the black washer. Someone please help me!!!



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