1982 Z50R Custom Photos

This is my 1982 Honda Z50R that I've been working on for the last five years or so. Bought the frame on eBay and had it powder coated the original Tahiti red (or as close as I could get it). Bought a ratted out 1998 XR70 engine on eBay that needed to be completely rebuilt. Fixed transmission, replaced bearings, bored it out to 80cc using a Powroll 11:1 piston kit and camshaft. Bolted on a Takegawa manual clutch set-up as well as a BBR 18mm carb kit. Again through eBay found a seller offering the Kitaco stainless exhaust system that uses the OEM chrome heat shield.

Next, I wanted to upgrade the suspension so I found a Kitaco hydraulic fork kit for the XR50 in Japan and special ordered it. I used Fast 50s Billet wheels (12" front and 10" back). Moved the front drum to the left side of the wheel because I think it works better that way. The rear suspension consists of a polished Kitaco extended aluminum swing arm (+2") with Hagon 305mm long shocks. Using a Honda OEM Monkey seat (much better for adults), NOS OEM gas tank along with Renthal Mini high handle bars.

Issues? Have had a tough time getting the carb. jetted correctly. Had to make a custom spacer for rear wheel (narrowed the original).




WOW! :lol:

So, what did you do to make the engine look new?

very nice, im goin that route with an 91 i just got..

but am wondering.. can the points take some revs or will they do what my Puch magnum used to do? just float and not giv more rpm? (solved with adding another spring from bad points..killed points in 500 miles though :lol: )

could i install an inner rotor kit on the older engine??

The '91 is a 12V CDI-type ignition, there are no points.

Bike looks good, nice job. You missing a bolt in the skidplate?

I'm about where you were five years ago.....


Thanks for the nice comments!

To make the engine look new I scrubbed it (it was covered in Georgia clay), had the cylinder head and cylinder bead blasted and then painted the cylinder gloss black using engine paint. The clutch cover is new so it looked great out of the box. The ignition cover I sanded with 400 grit sandpaper and then painted it silver. I left the center cases natural and they looked good without the need to polish.

1991 right on the frame neck..

might just have the old style engine installed..

its definately an z 50 R though..

and i know its points..i set and sleaned em.. :lol:

Someone did a transplant, then. Post up some pictures...:lol:

The Z50R switched to CD ignition in 1988. I don't believe that you can use the inner-rotor ignition on a non-CD crank.

I have points on another modified '82 Z50R and they work fine.

There is a vendor on eBay who sells the crank adapter that allows you to install an inner rotor kit on the 6V crank, and there is no modification needed for the engines cases.


Here is the current eBay auction for the adapter shown above: 120314792944

Here is an eBay auction for a CDI conversion that also works well on the 6V cranks: 110355817515

HI I am in the middle of setting up a z50 for my wife it will be a good loner bike too. I have extended the swingarm new rear shoxs new tires and a honda passport 70cc motor big bar kit I need a front fork with oil not just springs have been looking at atc 3 wheeler forks and fat cat forks but dont know if they will fit. I am trying to keep the stock wheels were did you get your cool fork it looks great. Thanks Brian

Hi Brian - it sounds like you have a good start on your bike. I ordered the Kitaco forks from King Racing (Sik 50s) using part number 500-1129400 (CRF/XR 50 with 173mm spacing between center of fork legs). If you want the version for the Z50 the part number is: 500-1123110 (199mm spacing between center of fork legs).

The forks I ordered require CRF50 wheels to work. To mount the CRF50 wheel on the back you will need to modify the stock spacer to make it narrower. I have no direct experience with the Z50 version of this fork kit so buyer beware!

Matt at King Racing was great to work with and was more than willing to special order this part. Good Luck.

nice build looks nice

I know this is an old thread but i was wondering where you got your wheels and tires?

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