Knoxsville Sat Feb 28th

Gave it a try today and hey... not too shabby. Drawbacks included no marked trails, lots of deadends, and lots and lots and LOTS of rocks. This was my second ride with new scotts stabilizer and I was very happy I had it. Soil condition was great...where there was soil that is. Ran in to quite a few other guys riding and at the staging area. One group having driven down from PP after finding that closed. Conversations always started with "Hey do you know where the good trails are here?" and the response was always "We've never been here before/just here cause everything else is closed." ditto brah. As the day wore on I felt myself getting used to the rocks and I think we'll hit Knox again soon. There was some fun and challenging trails. Hopefully enclosed a couple pics and one vid of angryshawn riding my bike out of a deadend hill climb after he got tired of watching me repeatedly fail. :lol:DSC00175.jpgi469.<a  href=DSC00176.jpg

DSC00176.jpg One more pic near south staging area. This trail was mucho fun.

I need to check the back gate.

If it is open I am 8 miles from it.

Still is limited at best.

Still is limited at best.

Well, not as limited as being totally SOL for riding this weekend :ride:

A couple more from our ride:

Tislaw heading down one that we didn't go back up, next time...


Tislaw at the bottom of the 'I told you so' deadend trail (look closely for the small orange dot :p


the 'I told you so' deadend trail


a lot of the dead end trails were not dead end back in the 70's early 80's rode there all the time. the mine and blm fenced of some also. they need some trail money spent there. everything built has been shot up or torn down! somebody fired up the cat (bulldoeser) leveled the new bathroom and concrete p-tables at hunting creek a few yrs back------

Did you find The Red elaphant mine trail? That trail is so fun and not easy ether.

I ripped a few laps on my track Sunday morning on my kid's 250.

Put the forks back on my 450 and they still leak after having the seals replaced. Guess it's back to the drawing board.

Yeah we rode that one and it was very fun. It was also one of the few trails that had an identifying sign. About half way between the two staging areas and right off the fire road I think. Looped back into the fire road. One half was rock free and the other half was rocky.

Did you find the old Honda down off the hill?

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