Nitrogen in Orange County Ca.

I am going to service my rear shock myself and have been calling around to see if anyone can charge my shock with nitrogen. No luck, Dealer's do not do it and I called Race Tech in Corona and they said no due to liability. Does anyone know where I call to see if they can do this for me? I will try to call Pro Circuit on Monday but I think I will get the same response as Race Tech gave. I also posted this in the "Suspension" forum.

welding shop?

T&J's Performance Center. They do mostly 4x4 stuff, but they desert race and they are equipped to charge shocks.

RG3 is in Anaheim, and just about every auto tire place has a nitrogen tank.

The shops aren't sure if you put the shock together right so the don't want it to grenade when they charge it. Race Tech will sell you the tool to do it at home and you can find the gas in the phone book under compressed gas.

Go to a small general aviation airport and have the mechanics do it.

Try Mickey Cohen Motorsports in Placentia, if he can't help, he'll probably know who can.

Any FBO at your local airport can do it.

Thanks for the info. I give them a call.

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