Upstate N.Y. Riding Areas

Hey Guys,

Just wondering if any of you guys live in upsate N.Y., Saratoga area or the Adirondacks and know of any legal riding areas or clubs. Looking for some places to ride with out worries?

I'd like to take a trip down there too, assuming I can be assured of lots of elevation change. I'd be coming from around Toronto.

e-mail me, please with any info you might have regarding riding anywhere really cool around New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, or heck even Maine! I just wanna ride some big hills!

I'm hoping to make this trip for sometime around Mid. Sept. to Oct.


There are a lot of legal riding opportunities around New Hampshire and Maine - but very little in New York and Vermont. Check out the New England Dirt Bikes site for links to riding areas:

Flat you should do the Calibogie 2 day ride.

It's just south of Ottawa. Weekend after labour day.

Calabogie Baby!!! I'll be there.

The Land Before Time and Warren's Power Trip are calling me.

For those of you who have never done Calabogie, you have no idea what your missing!!!

I'm 1/2 hr south of buffalo... lots of riding by me... We could roost for a day, if you guys want.

Trail Ryder... where are you from?

I'll be at the Calabogie ride, staying in some really dumpy cabins with some crazy english blokes. Should be awesome!

As for riding in the southtowns.. That sounds like a blast! Shoot me an e-mail, We'll have to hook up for sure.. Are you near Ellicotville?


I have a T-shirt that says "I did the Calabogie boogie". The lake w/ the railroad bridge going through the middle.. is this the same place you are talking about for this ride?? What kind of ride is it? Dual sport? Road? offroad?



Calabogie ride is great for all levels and experience. Trails are all maped and coded.

THUMPINGOOD, I grew up in South Glens Falls, from Saratoga up route 9 take a left on Spier Falls Road (right after you cross the freeway) and take it to POTTER RD. right as you get on Potter Rd. look right and you couldn't possibly miss it. I lived right accross from the pole lines and once you get in there there is a HUGE Network of trails in there, or you could continue down Potter rd. to where it hooks left and try the Spier Falls pit. I rode there my whole life and the most I ever got from the cops was a "sweet bike" and I rode every day for 4-5 years. P.S. I had only seen the cops out there 2 to 3 times in 5 years, ALOT of people that live out there have bikes and don't even notice the noise.

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