Buying a used DR-Z250

I am planning on buying a 2006 DR-Z250. It has low hours and is very clean. I can get it for about 2500 dollars. Is that a decent price? Is there anything I should be looking out for--common issues/problems with this year?

Other than the usual wear and tear items, there were no issues on that bike. I bought a new left-over 2006 last year and it has the California 32mm carb (I think all 2007 and late 2006 bikes had it) and is not a pumper carb like the 28mm 49 state model. Mine runs very well with this carb, however.

Before I bought the bike, I had a line on a 2004 bike for $2,500.00. I sent the guy several E mails to set up an inspection, and finally, days later, got a reply saying he had sold it. I bought the new bike, brought it home and found an E mail from the guy saying his deal fell through and to come see it. It was with great pleasure I informed him I no longer was interested. Long story but it shows your price is right.

When you go see it make sure that the bike has not been started or warmed up. If the valves are out of spec it will be difficult to start. Try kicking it first. I will give you a good idea of the compression. Another way to check the valves is to ride it (the street will work fine) and lug the motor by riding it in a high gear at a low speed. The motor should should stutter, but listen for valve clatter.

I would also take a screw driver to raise the fork boots to check for leakage. Other things to look for are: that it rides straight (I can take both hands off the bars underway on mine), paint flaking off at the frame joints can be a sign of hard riding.

Thanks for the help. I got an e-mail from him this AM. He bought it from a local dealership and thinks he is the second owner. He got it to ride with his son, but has only ridden it a couple of times so he is selling it. He has no title/owners manual. He states that it looks brand new and the only flaw on the bike is "bubbles" in the graphics which apparently is common. I'm not sure if it really matters, but I would prefer it if he had a title for it.

I would check with your DMV to see how difficult it is to get a title and price the purchase accordingly. Out here in California having a title for a dirtbike is a necessity if riding on public lands.

Things seem to be heading that way for the state of NC as well. I would prefer to buy a bike with a title, but it is amazing how many people don't have them.

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