CHP steel over the top brake pedal

My son bent his rear brake lever pretty badly. I plan to try to bend it back to stock position, but I expect that I will need to pick up a new lever. Right now I can't get an OEM replacement thanks to the new CPSA law in effect on youth motorcycles. I was looking at the CHP steel brake lever, made in the USA. Does anyone have experience with this product? I have heard of a lot of problems with getting over the top brake levers to fit/work right.

just ordered a sikk110 over the top pedal, I will let you know how it goes after I receive it.

Thanks. I checked out the sik110 brake pedal and it looks good also. About the same price as the CHP. Who did you order it from?

Thank you. I would be great to hear back from you on the fit of the product.

the chp over the brake pedal is great if you have the aftermaket footpegs and mounts. On the stock mount it catches and hangs up a little.:p

OK--thanks. He still has the stock footpeg/mounts though I know I should replace with aftermarket soon. Would you recommend the sik110? I have read on here that TBR doesn't fit well.

All have some sort of minor fitment issues .

I have the TBR one and the CHP one . The CHP sure looks the same as the Sikk110's and OUTLAW's too .

The TBR one also slightly rubs the case slightly , but is deff more knarly than the CHP one .

Ya .., you gotta run a after-market peg bracket .

Installed my sikk110 brake pedal, went on smooth, but do need a/m footpeg bracket. So I ordered a kit. Doing my part to keep the economy going....:p

Thanks for all the input. It sounds like I need to do both mods together to make it all work out. Yeah, we are doing our part to boost the economy$$$. It is a vicious cycle---spend a couple of days riding with the kids, spend the next couple of days cleaning muddy bikes and repairing the damage/replacing parts on the kids bikes!! I am having a great time though.

The A/M peg kit works like a champ. Got one for 89.00 including pegs. Need to get longer bolts as 1 of the mounting bolts is stripped. Does anyone know what length to get. Found longer bolts, problem solved.

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