2006 vs 2007--aluminum frame worth it?

I have the opportunity to buy a very clean 2006 WR250F. It only has about 20 ours on it and looks brand new. I can pick it up for about 3500 dollars. Is a used 2007 with the aluminum frame worth looking for? Is it significantly better?

well i have a 06 yz and i thought it was bs to make it better but i ate my own words when i rode an 07 the other week...it was def noticeable to me...but how muh money u wana spend to convert is up to u.

Bummer. This WR250F is like new. But I hate to know that I could look for a decent 2007 and get the aluminum frame. Is the 2007 lighter?

the 07 is much lighter than the 06

and the handling is wayyy better

steel frames suckkkk

Good to know that before spending the $$$!

Dont listen. I have a 08yz250f and my friend has an 03 steel frame and it handles just fine. Is the aluminum much lighter no just a little does it handle much better a little. The 06 if you think it is a good deal buy it im sure you will be happy. I think you can do better on price. Offer 2,800 an settle on 3000.

The 07 is going to hold resale value much better because it's the first year in a model line with a major change. And conversely, the 06 is the last year in a generation of steel frame bikes. They're never going back to steel and people always want the newest, bestest whatever. Had the same dilemma with my wife's new bike back in early 07. I could buy a brand new 06 for $4500. Bought a brand new 07 for $5100 off the internet. Super smooth transaction and the best $600 I ever spent. Her bike is sweet but carb work is a bitch because of the alum frame. Her bike handles better than my 02 YZ250F but my bike with the steel frame is much more forgiving in terms of "flex." Oh well, you can't have it all.

Thanks for the help. It sounds like his price is too high. He doesn't seem ready to budge too much off his price yet.

Everything I've ever read stated that the alum frame 07 was only about 1-2 lbs

lighter than the steel 06. The 07 was just out when I decided to buy my 06.

Take a look at how the alum frame hides carb access. That and $1000 made

me choose the 06.

The 07 also has some other features you may like more or it may not matter to you: wave rotors, Pro tapers, plastic skid plate, different lights and supposedly better tuning.

Personally I think Yamaha went with the alum frame because Honda had one. KTM, BMW and many other top Euro brands still use steel alloy frames.

I read in an article before that the main reason the Japanese bikes went to aluminum frames was because aluminum is more readily and available, and cost less than the chromoly steel used in KTM's frames. Steel frames due tend to stretch a little over the years, but on a new bike probably performs better than aluminum due to its flex characteristics.

I picked up my 2007 WR250F for $3400 with 400 miles on it.

He is asking about a Wr not a YZ. Yes the alumnium frame WR is much better than asteel frame Wr.

steel frames are better for higher speed strait line stuff. they flex more and make it more comfortable

the aluminum frame is much more rigid and turns sharper.

KTM's steel frames are so rigid, they are weakening the forks rigidity to make it flex more

chrome moly steel frames aren't bad, alloy just looks better, and probably easier to make stiffer.

and the weight difference between the 06 and 07 was only a few pounds. hardly huge

just depends on what your going to do with the bike

In the area where I live all the trails are single-track/tight woods, so high speed/open riding is a non-issue. Thanks for the advice. It sounds like I can do better on price and it may be worth looking for a clean 2007 or newer.

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