High Compression Piston

Its time for me to put a new piston & rings in my 06 RMZ 250, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a high compression piston?

advantage - more power disadvantage - less durabililty

are there any other modifications that you have to do to the motor? and how long do they last?

advantage - more power disadvantage - less durabililty

Less durabililty???? I can't tell it. I've got 60 hours on a hi-comp. piston and still has good compression. And it's over size to boot...

more durable...not less??? JE/PC or simular is going to out perform out last any oem piston. running pump gas with pc/je hi comp with great results.

As Metal says you are likely to get greater durability out of a high comp piston as they are generally made by companies like PC/Wiseco etc that will be better quality than oem. But compared with a standard compression PC or Wiseco piston life is going to be down about 20%.......in general.

Most of your OEM pistons are VERTEX....Very good pistons....

Is the standard oem piston on the RMZ a Vertex?

I didn't know that. Very good pistons.

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