why cut the plastics??

im seriously not having a go at FMX, i love it its F*****g insane but why do people cut the plastics??

so no one knows why they cut there plastics/shrouds?

i think it's a metal mulisha thing....brian deegan did it alot back in the day..i have seen other pros do it to though.

Its grab holes make it easier for riders to pull off diffrent tricks. If you fmx its valuble, if not y your just posing


yea i got those they also put grip tape on the frame rails there but what are the shaved front and back fenders for??

it's just a style thing...some people think it looks cool...and again the metal mulisha did it alot back in the day.

Pro's do it so they don't catch on the rear fender. I've had it happen once or twice running the stock rear fender doing nac nacs. Front fender is mostly for looks. Air box is for a grab hole so they don't have to just grab the rear fender to do seat grab tricks. I have never seen a person cut their shrouds.

ah good reply, thanks

as some other said rear fender its for seat grab indy

side pannel is grab tricks

front pannel is for cliffhangers

barpad is for over the bar tricks

most common is to cut plasitc to match the cut seat (but)

edgar torronteras did a grab tric only grabbing the rear fender

trevor vindes and clifford adoptante had a bar over the seat

so it can be done whitout

just to add more tricks to the list of the ones they can do cut fenders enable u to do some tricks that cant be done otherwise or its just a lot easier to do them

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