Clutch Locker Washer

Ok I had to take the clutch off and theirs that washer that has two side that were bent up to help lock the main bolt on. Now I out the clutch back on, and just wondering how can I pry those back up?

BTW. I had to replace the boss clutch hub and while putting the clutch springs back on. One of the bolts snapped off inside one of the post inside of the brand new boss clutch! :lol:

its been a while since ive done a clutch basket but i think i just used a flat blade screwdriver to bend the lock washer back.

channellocks man, channellocks. :lol: I bend the edge of the washer up slightly, then open the channellocks up to the size of the nut, grab the bent edge of the washer, and clamp down and that will bend the edge up with out trying to use a screwdriver on it. Good luck.


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