waterless coolant

i was going to get the ZIP-TY racing waterless coolant for my WR250F and Drz400E both 06s and since i cant get zipty in AUSTRALIA will this work??

apparently waterless coolant runs much cooler??


tell me if the link does not work, i dont know why its soo long

A quick look at the MSDS for propylene glycol and the product sheets for Dowfrost (a propylene glycol-based coolant) indicates a couple of problems with it, to me.

First, it's flammable. Second, it's thermal conductivity is roughly half that of water. So, yeah, it's got a higher boiling point than aqueous coolant, but it's not nearly as good at conducting heat.

Unless there is something wrong with your cooling system that causes it to boil over, an aqueous coolant really does seem to be the way to go. I've heard numerous good things about Water Wetter.

+1 on Engine Ice... It won't make the 20 degrees lower temperature but will make a 5 to 10 difference while riding in traffic.

Engine Ice works fine and is propylene glycol based.

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