I want a KTM 400XC-w BUT.....

...my DRZ always amazes me. Took it to Kahukus today and got on the MX track and was passing people!! I had my tag signals and everything except the mirror. I cleared 2 table tops and almost got the double then we hit the trails and I was riding like a mad man there too. Then I hit a small jump with a puddle of mud and ate the dirt HARD. Cycra bark busters saved my clutch lever and didnt move and I scratched my BRAND NEW plastics! Oh well they are cheap and fun is hard to come by. I noticed something about my bike today on the MX track. MY SUSPENSION SUCKS!!!! :lol::worthy:

I really need to get new forks and have them valved for me. Was thinking of doing a RM fork & shock swap for better suspension. Ok thanks for reading I just HAD to tell someone :banghead:

You can spring and valve your stock suspension as stiff as you want.but you will loose low speed cush.

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