1999 wr400

hi all is there anything specific to look out for when buying a 1999 model 400,im viewing one tomarrow,but if theres anything i should pay closer attention to on this year model, then please let me know thanks:thumbsup:

I've had the same bike for a year and a half now and it has been great. Extreamely reliable and loads of fun. Give it a good look over, be sure to check the oil and the air filter. If he can't keep up with the basic stuff then there's a good chance the bike wasn't very well maintained. If I were you I would tell him not to warm it up so you can see how it starts when it's cold and take it through all the gears if you can. I can't really think of any specific problems that these bikes have other than the chain eating away the frame. Just curious, how much is he asking for it?


thanks for the info,im dealing another bike for it gasgas ec

i have had a 99 wr 400 since 98 i have put over 14k miles on it super hard off road riding not dual sport or fire roads I'm talking class a enduro and desert rides 150 miles in a day and the only problem i ever had with the bike was i broke the throttle cable at glen Helen one day, the bike is built rock solid, i would buy another one. keep fresh oil in it and clean air filter.

excellent thats good to hear

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