LED tail light - XR650R

I just find out a great way to make the stock tail light a great, durable, long-lasting brake light for little money. The problem with the stock tail light is you can't use a standard 1157 bulb because the heat of the bulb melts the housing. So, I took the 1157 socket from my UFO tail-light off my Baja Designs kit (any standard three-wire socket will work) and installed it under the housing using a zap-strap. I sealed up the holes around the zap strap with weatherproof sealant. Install the LED bulb and you have a great brake light!!! The LED light lasts forever (100,000 hours) produces almost no heat and is vibration and shock resistant to boot. You can buy these lights at Wal-mart for 12.00 CAN. I guess that would be around 7.00 US. Hope this helps somebody. :)

Would that work on an Acerbis Tail Light Unit? I also have a light modulator on mine, would that affect it? I had been considering an LED unit for some time, but didn't know much about them.

is it bright enough during daylight hours ? also , what the heck is a zap-strap ?

I believe it would be a "Zip Tie". Alex.. I'll take "Zap Straps" for $200, please! :)

Can you get LED lights for just the regular XR taillight? I was crusing the WR450 forum and a guy there was saying that he found a LED light to fit his new WR450F. Sounds like they are brighter AND cooler. Anybody know what LED would fit?

One other thing...I just burnt my first headlight bulb out on my Pig. Perfect Murphy's Law; we just got to Ocotillo Friday evening and I went maybe 20 feet and "Fizzle" out she went. Had to do the night ride using my buddy's and my son's headlights. I was finding the mud puddles/hole/ponds/lakes using the Brail method. Very interesting, but very fun! Anyway, I picked up some stock replcement bulbs so I don't get "Light Challenged" again. With the stock wiring, can you go to a brighter bulb?

The LED is directional, that is the light only shines in any ONE direction. It only works if is facing directly to the rear. (Unless you only can if people beside you see you braking!) They are very bright during the day. I don't know of any LED's for the stock XR light, but it may be worth the effort, since a side benefit of LED's is they draw very little current, and this would allow you to run a 55W headlight in the stock XR!! But, you would have to get the glass housing from Baja Designs to run a 55W halogen because you would simply MELT the stock housing.

Would that work on an Acerbis Tail Light Unit?

I put one in mine on Friday. The old 1157 bulbs lasted me about a day, the LED Worked good

all of this 4 day weekend.

I also have a light modulator on mine, would that affect it

Don't Know.

The lighting improvement kit from Baja Designs is nothing more than the following honda part number 33123-MK2-671, with a 55 watt H3 bulb that you can buy at Wal-Mart for about $4.75. The light has a glass lens and is available from Ron Ayers for $21.34.


You will need 2 very cheap crimp on connectors also available from Wal-Mart. I've installed 2 on XR650R's and 1 on XR600R. Lot brighter than stock 35 watt.

I ran to my loacl Wally world and couldn't find the LED brake light you're talking about. Do you have a part number or something? Thanks much!!

It's SKU (bar-code) is 84902 77102

It is an LED LIGHT (1157) made by "Alpena" made in China

Alpena is a registered trademark of Igor John Phillips licenced to Marklyn Co. Inc., Brampton ,ON, Canada, L7A 1A2

***Usually you can get these things through a "Speed Shop" or a car custom shop!

Hey thanks for the info. I will check a local car shop when I get off today. Thanks again.

AutoZone carries them as well if you have one by you.

Hey Qasan, maybe you would know...is there a LED bulb for the stock XR650R tail light that would just plug in? Sounds like a cool light fixture, Know what I mean, Vern?

Then I could put some glow bars down by my skid plate! :)

I got mine through E-Bay, it was more expensive than auto zone's but it had 5 more LED's.

Hey Qasan, maybe you would know...

You mean like this....







Don't get too excited yet, cause the performance of something like this may not be what you're looking for. I've not looked at this product in person, but 4 LED's like this will probably only produce about 4 lumen total output even though they may be listed as higher output where as the stock incadecent lamp will probably produce about a 25 lumen total output - BIG difference. Also, the LED light will be much more directional than the incadecent lap. For now, the incadecent lamp gets my vote for a tail light until something better comes along.

If you're an electronics nut who likes to experiment, then you may be able wire in a luxeon star or two for decent performance :)


I favor the KISS method...Keep It Simple Stupid! After your steller presentation and review; I believe stock is best here. I'd much rather ride than tinker too much. That's one of the resaons I bought the XR in the first place! :)

HI Qadsan,

I've played with some luxeons and holy !#! are they bright, but they're also $$. I believe some of the semitrailer lights use luxeons as the bigger "bumps" in the pattern, while older ones just use reams of little led's. Notice the 18 lumens luxeon ouput? You just need to heatsink it!! And then there's the special 4 element version... You're right about the directionality issue and the lower light output. Some people quickly say that led's are brighter but likely what they're seeing is how it hurts your eyes to look straight into the tiny spot of light right at the led. In fact, I've had some older fellows tell me how they just hate those led tail lights on buses and trucks because they hurt your eyes when you look towards them. That problem comes from not diffusing the light, and the reason they don't diffuse the light is because the led's just don't put out enough light in the first place to cut a lot of it in losses during diffusing. Hence the technology is a little bit not-mature for easy, practical use. For those of you dropping in 1157 led's, note that they're not DOT approved and have disclaimers of such all over the packaging. They have not been tested for adequate visibility re safety and liability and likely aren't tested because they will fail. Otherwise, retrofitting a DOT SAE led bulb into a gazillion cars would be a gold mine. So, you may be voiding your insurance! Still, it's an interesting technology to watch. Some cars are making their incandescent tail light reflectors faceted to gave a faux-led look, probably in preparation for a switch over to led's. A few cars actually use led's, but these lights are physically bigger than a whole headlight!! They're playing it conservative safety wise, and they're diffusing the light - they don't have clear covers or clear diffusing covers.

Qadsan, are you an electronics guy?

2nd post - Qadsan, I hit the links you posted and noted ledtronics had one product they boasted SAE approval for, a side marker light- a step forward. I think I have a couple WIX lights that seemed pretty bright, but no approvals stated on the packaging or maybe it was disclaimers - I've had it put away for at least 1/2 year. They're dancing on the fence selling the stuff without the approvals. It's like selling cable-stealing boxes, sure it's legal to sell them but we pretend we don't know what illegal thing you'll do with them. On the one that was approved, it noted the SAE 9 zone test - that refers to adequate light output in nine different directional zones, a separate issue from the overall light having large enough surface area. This goes back to meeting approval and why the "only see them well from directly behind" ones don't/won't pass approval. Good set of links. The real stuff guys had "coming soon" for all their leds. I think I hit a lot of these spots a year ago when I researched led's in some seriousness. The good news is that they just keep getting brighter as each year passes. A hint is get an LED keychain light and take it with you - they're invaluable trouble lights that can shine into any nook under a hood, near a carb etc.

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