Indy SX track = good stuff?


So those who have seen it, tell me about this SX track at Indy?

I just want to see it on TV. I read transworld's report. The track sounds like literally like something else!

Reed+Stewart lapping riders up to 7th!

In Aus we have to wait until next Friday (Thurs in US) to see it on TV. Sounds like Larocco did a great job with the track design. I was disappointed in a lot of the tracks thus far. Itching to see this one.

Hopefully the SX organizers think more about avoiding easy and/or single lined tracks for the series remainder.

Looking at lap times (peak and average) the 450s (all of them) seem to get around this course a lot better than the 250s.

The was great!!! Not to many straights a lot of rythm sections and the hardest set of whoops I have ever seen. There where a lot of wrecks in the whoops. I know I sat 14 rows up from them. Most of the 250's had to rythm thru them except for the fast guys. Only a handfull of the 450's could ride them the rest had to rythm thru them. They had a couple sand sections too. I can't wait to see it on TV. Our vision got blocked from the tower and finish line bridge. You will love this track!!!!

Sounds like an old school lay out that is great. I look forward to watching it later today.

oldschool for sure.. designed by Mike LaRocco himself

Right on they let the home town boy design it. That's cool

That track was bad ass. There was no open straights to rest on and the whoops where killer. Even Reed couldn't skim them every lap. LaRocket did a heck of a job. :lol:

Track was killer! The whoops were so gnarly and a wall at the end! ***! Some of those dudes were sailing it and landing flat from 15-20ft. It made for a great show and many ppl doing different rhythms. LaROCK did an awesome job.:lol:

This track was very technical. The 250Fs were stuggling to get around several parts of the track. If you rode well at Indy, you had to be on ypour game. Great job, LaRocco.

It was an awesom track maybe you could find the torrent

I thought this was the best track of the season so far PERIOD!!!

TV did not make it look nearly as hard as it was...... Great race and track!!!!

It was indeed a sick track. I was there, watching countless people eat it going through the whoops. It was really different having a sand section in the beginning!

It looked pretty serious on the tube which never does justice. Hope they take note and we see more of that...

I was sitting front row at the 50 yard line lucky on the tickets!! The track was nasty.....heck they red flagged the lights main because 3/4 of the field went down in the first turn....the flaggers were real busy in the lights events





Great race:thumbsup:

Hire Mike full time!!!!

Thank guys.

Hire Mike full time!!!!
Now that sounds like a good idea.

In the Oct-Dec 2008 Aus SuperX series, they had one track with some huge and long woops. Only four riders could skim them consistently. Reed and J Marmont in the 450 class, and both the Moss brothers in the 250 class. Actually Reardon was getting them most of the time on his 450. McCoy was struggling. A shame Jay Marmont is not over there right now.

how come Marmont didnt go he wouldve went alrite

how come Marmont didnt go he wouldve went alrite
I've no idea. But I'm SURE team L&M or Factory Yamaha would have been be getting GOOD value out of him as a support rider. Do L&M have a second rider? Just kidding. :p

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