best tools for a XR650L tool kit

I am equipping a missionary going to Guinea Bissau Africa with a toolkit for a 2007 XR650l we bought for him. I am thinking one set that will be on the bike and then the extra tools that are needed for maintenance. He and another guy will be doing multi day travel in the bush so tools are mission critical. Is there a good quality set that I should buy or just buy individually? I am interested to hear what people have in their kits.

Blue Ridge Racing .com has a nice variaty kits, I am considering buying the enduro kit.

Ya... Great subject! I'm also interested to know what tools others take along and how they carry them. Let's see some lists. :lol:

I do have the Blue Ridge Enduro kit and it's terrific. Added a few items and it's ready to go.

I normally would never buy a kit but this one has quality tools and easy to pack.


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