What A Tease!

The weather up here has been pretty warm and almost all the snow has melted. It's been a real cold and snowy winter.

Yesterday, I took the Pitster out of the basement, fired it up and took 5 or 6 laps around the yard. (the track out back is still all mud and ice)

Today, March 1st. as I look out the kitchen window, it's snowing like hell and they're talking about 8-12 inches.

I gotta hook up the plow to the pickup and get ready to push some snow, AGAIN!

Anyone else had enough of this S#!+ ?:lol:

I'm ready for riding again without my feet getting numb.

I agree! At least here in St. Louis the snow went south of us, but the temps. hardly broke out of freezing all weekend, add in a strong north wind and it basically sucks. Been warming during the week, getting cold on weekends. Got back from quad riding last weekend and it was 34 degrees, too cold to wash them. So I have two very mudding quads in the garage all last week and this weekend.

Maybe next weekend.

Besides that if all goes well my new Pitster LXT will be here on Wed. Going downtown to pick it up rather than wait for a delivery slot. Fingers crossed and can't wait.

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