I'm feeling pretty pumped right now. I just rode my trusty DRZ home from work on roads that were covered in ice. Granted it was only a couple of miles and I probably didn't get over 20 mph, but I did something I've never done before and wasn't sure I could, so I'm feeling pretty good about meself. It really wasn't that bad. The Dunlop 606's pulled right along with only minor sliding. The rear did fishtail once on the main road, but I just rolled off the throttle and she straightened right back up. I probably wouldn't want to make a habit of riding on ice, but at least I know I can if I have to.

Only ever ridden once in proper icey conditions.. NEVER EVER EVER again, kissed the ground when I got home lol :lol:

Yeah, it does make you more thankful when you reach your destination.:lol:

I got a broken wrist from riding ice. Your lucky.

Solid ice is pretty dangerous, but overall riding thru the winter? I can be a blast! Yeah, you run into a little ice here and there, some nasty slush and some slippery conditions.....but it's fun, it keeps you from getting cabin fever and it really helps to improe your overall riding.

Be safe, have fun!

I rode a KZ650 year round in Bozeman, Montana one year when I was young and not thinking clearly. Many times was I sliding through intersections with the bike on it's side (at 5am). Thank goodness for engine crash bars. Back them I never even got a ticket....the cops had a good laugh more then once.

Been there, done that, never doing it again.

I spent the whole hours ride wondering firstly why I was stupid enough to do it in the first place. Secondly how much it was going to hurt me if I come off. And thirdly how much it was going to hurt.:p

Dropped a few bikes on ice when I was a courier, not nice, definitely no fun, but it gets the adrenalin flowing. A zillion years ago I once rode my trusty Kawasaki Z200 Thumper through about a foot of snow on totally unused back roads to work. Went fine until I got to the dodgy little hump back bridge on a corner, exited corner on the grass verge.

Then came towards the T junction with the main road, front brake locked slide, release, back brake locked slide released, both brakes same thing. That's when I saw the artic (18 wheeler) coming down the main road & I was not stopping, feet down just missed the back of the truck by about a foot & straight over the main road & stopped in the hedge on the other side, phew that was close.

Pulled the bike out, no damage, rode the rest of the way & couldn't stop in the yard which had been cleared. Both wheels were solid snow disc's & the brake were frozen off !!!

I try never to ride in the snow now, not that we get much in the UK any more.

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