1984 Cr250 carburetor question/problem

Well, I have finished the bike; came out really nice! Here is my problem. Bike will not fire! I have spark, looks pretty strong, blue color. I did not smell gas when I pulled the plug to check spark so I think I am not getting gas through the carb. Is it possible something, i.e. float, is stuck and not letting gas in the bowl? I have about a half gallon of fresh gas in tank and I am getting gas through to the carb via the gas line, but I don't think it is getting to bowl. Any ideas?



Yup, sounds like the float might be stuck. You can loosen the float bowl drain screw and see if fuel flows or tap the sides of the carb with a screwdriver handle and see if it frees. You didn't stuff a rag in the reed boot to keep UFO's did you and forget to remove it? Try kicking the bike with the throttle WFO. That is a nice looking rebuild also.:lol:

At least it still looks good!!

Thanks. Yeah. I can also throw it on the stand in my basement and pretend it runs :lol: Maybe have a fan blow some wind at my face!!!!

Tip the bike on its side, if fuel comes out the vents you've got fuel in the carb.

Thanks for the help. The float needed to be adjusted. It was not letting gas into the bowl. Must have knocked it out during the tear down. Thanks everyone!!

Where did you get the HRC stickers on the shrouds? Mine are starting to deteriorate and I would rather not go with the CR 250 stickers (want everyone to think I ride a 500). Well, basically, where did you get everything for that bike because damn that is a good looking restoration.

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