First Valve check. Help

i have done the break in ride on my new 09 crf250r. WOW, I love this bike, there is nothing i can say bad about it.

I checked my valves after the one hour break in and this is what they are:



I know they are within specs, but is there a reason that only my exhaust clearence tightened up slightly.

I have been riding many years, but never on a race bike. My other bike is an 07 DRZ400. So any helpfull info that anyone can give me with regards to service, and or just owning a race bike would be greatly apprieciated.

Leave the exhaust, many people shim them tighter including me. I have my intakes at 005 and exhaust at 008. After my first rebuild I experimented with the exhaust clearance. I did not like it at the stock 011, feels better at 008 especially in the higher rpms. there are other threads where race engine builders will tell you they keep the exhaust tight, I've heard as tight as 006. I'd just check them to make sure the don't move any more. They shouldn't, I had 80 hours before my first rebuild with no movement and now 50 hours on that top end with no movement.

As for other helpful advice; Change the oil often and keep the air filter clean and well seated. These two item can make or break the high performance engines.

Unless you checked the valves when new (highly recommended), you really don't know how much they moved. Don't assume they were at book clearance and freak out (like many do) when you find them under. Mine were factory set below spec out of the crate, I left them and still have yet to shim.


Thanks for the info guys. Now all i need is for all this snow to go so i can get out riding more.

It is -32 with the wind chill today, just a little to chilly to be riding. ha ha

jeese thats crazy -32!? i bet you can get a cup of boiling water and throw it into the air and it freeze instanltly haha

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