why did my 250 4 stroke leak coolant?

I have an 07 RMZ250 that I just got in the fall. I've only used it a couple times. I haven't fired it up in about 2 months and it's been a cold winter where I live. So i started it the other day (it started right up) and i let it idle for a little bit just to give it a little exercise since it's been dormant all winter. after a few minutes I looked at the bike and there was coolant leaking out of the overflow hose coming out of the radiator? Not sure why it did that? I shut it down for a few. Then re started it and took it for a quick spin and everything seemed fine- the leak seemed to stop. Just wondering why it did that, if i could've damaged something, and how can i prevent.

Don't know exactly how long "a little bit" was, but sometimes 4 strokes overheat and puke coolant if the set and idle too long.

Could have been an air pocket? Maybe started to overheat? I have also seen them over heat if left idling too long.

"Just running it in the garage" has over heated more bikes than anything else (dirt and street). It's the lack of moving air that over heated your bike. Now you know how long you can idle it for before it over heats, and I would like to suggest that you do not do that again. Buy a big fan and have it blowing on your engine if you need to run it again.

Nah your fine. :lol: Its because you were letting it idle in your garage. No air circulating, which caused it to overheat, and it just pee'd out all the hot stuff. My buddy was watching me hit this jump for 5 minutes on his brand new bike (first ride) and it started puking out steam and coolant and he was so scared ahhaahhahaa

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