Xr600 Starting Drill Video

Just a quick video showing how to use the decompression lever. It would apply to any bike with a decomp lever though.


Connecticut, 30 deg F, bike was off for 24 hours.

Not a bad little clip.

At least it shows that you don't have to kick the piss out of it to start it

Nice little plug at the end.


akarob, noticed your location in your sig. Im new to TT and recent XRL rider, (many other bikes, 30+ years of riding). Lets ride some time. I'm in Storrs Ct and ride just about year round.

thank you ill be going out to try mine now. Have not started her since last year hope your way is better than mine seems like im killing myself getting her started all the time. Dave

I've got the same ´86 model and I tried to start it today, 40F.

It's been sitting since october and it was a bitch to start...

I've removed my decompression lever though, I just find the TDC or little after and give it a kick. When warm it starts fairly easy now, replaced the stator last fall.

Nice vid man!

Thanks a lot, glad you like it.

If you read this and you like it, reply so it says current. :p

thanks rob ,the vid helped a lot i got a 94 xr600 and it sure started alot easier thanks again

Awesome! That's why I made the video. It's almost impossible to explain to someone but easy to show in a video. Now you'll be starting it sitting down.

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