DSU 320MM Brake Kits Pre Order $199

I bought a Drive Systems USA front brake kit for my S conversion to SM from mototraction.com recently. Great product and I paid $249.95 to my doorstep which to me was a great deal because of the looks and quality. The sales guy at mototraction.com , Chad, saw my post about these kits and asked if he could use pics of the kit on my bike on their web site...I was cool with that. I explained to him that their competition ,EBC, was selling their kits for $199 so he had his work cut out for him to break into this market....he just emailed me with the following offer. ...In regards to 320mm, Drive Systems is going to offer us 30 kits at discount so our new discounted price will be $199. People will have to preorder since the kits won't be available for about 3 weeks... check out their web site for a good deal....they seem to sell lots of other products as well but I have not bought or used any of them. I can vouch for the DSU kits and they are very nice. In the pics it looks like the brake pads are not seated on the rotor...these pics were taken with less than 1 mile on the rotor. The used brake pads seated nicely after a few more miles and I now have about 450 miles on this setup....very nice. Go to mototraction.com for info...bracket relocator and rotor kit.



Nice bike there wiz!!

Can you post a link to their website? And does the price include the spacer?


You can see them at mototraction.com and the kit includes the rotor and bracket relocator for the S forks. These seem to be comparable to the Braking rotors but at about half the cost. I personally like the look more than the EBC but that is just preference....some people have had rust or corrosion with the EBC but that's cureable by spraying a lacquer coating on it. I think they are worth checking out if you are in the market...especially on the preorder price.

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