stripped my plastic bolt!!!

i stripped my plastic bolt on my right shroud (the gas tank bolt) what do you guys reccommend i do? thanks

are the threads in the gas tank stripped or just the bolt is stripped? If it's just the bolt then get a new one at home depot, if it's the gas tank threads, then you can try a thread chaser, if that doesn't work then you can always heli-coil

Maybe it is not possible for everyone to get a hold of, but on modern Volvo engines there are a lot of M7 threads.

The one in your tank is 6 mm with a pitch of 1 mm. That M7 bolt is 7 mm with 1 mm pitch.

A local car shop should be able to make it a M7x1 thread with a tap and give you a bolt that fits.

Or just do what LuigiC said...

I think you can pop out the nut on the tank & replace.

I think you can pop out the nut on the tank & replace.

Good call :p

I think you can pop out the nut on the tank & replace.

I don´t think that is possible. The nut is molded in place, you can only see "the tip of the iceberg"...

Whooooo $hit Batman!

I did it a long time ago, its not stripped bad enough where the screw falls out, so i got some red loctite and threaded is very lightly untill it set, havent messed with it since, the other screws will hold the shroud on fine.. No problems with it, I check it every once in awhile and its still holding up..

A good precaution would be to put some oil or grease on all bolts, and tighten them with common sense. And check them once in a while.

But $hit happens anyway...

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