DT50 Sleeper

Hello All...Used to sneak on here when I had my DRZ400SM but never joined. Just picked up a 93 DT50 and had a question. (I've read through 30 pages of posts not to bother anyone).

Bike has been sitting for X amount of time in heated garage with spark plug removed. Owner has no history on bike (was there when he moved in). Took it as a pit bike ( VRRA#878...:banghead: ) for getting around at the bigger tracks and getting my kids to want to come...:worthy:

Should I just put in a spark plug, clean the carb and try her with fresh gas or should I at least do the rings first ??? The bike has 3700Km on the clock...:lol:

Do a compression test to see what numbers it gives then go from there. If it bumps up over 100psi then new plug, fresh fuel and clean the carb and it should run.

Rare find!

good little bike too!

do the basics 1st then see if it will crank over. I recommend spraying a little PB blaster or 3in1 oil into the cylinder just to loosen things up 1st.

Good luck!

Crank seals go bad after sitting forever. Watch them. Also, change your transmission oil as it's gotta be pretty ripe by now. Short of that, ensure suspension functions and brake pads/tires aren't rotten and go rip it up!

I say you give up on that bike and park it.

Well, you could always send it my way.

No, I'll hang on to her. She'll be my first two stroke and my first motoX. You can't count the DRz400SM, as it was really a street bike the I beat the crap out of. Thanks for the input, compression,mist the cylinder,fresh oil, plug, charge battery and watch the crank seals...(got a line on an elf who wants to live in the motor)....I'll keep u posted !!!!

We had so few down here, but it really is a nice find. The perfect fun bike.

Thanks. I'm hoping to teach my daughter to ride it. Seems like a really well put together machine. I've got most of it apart right now, but things look good...Talk soon.:p

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