Where's the broken de-comp piece?

Okay, need some suggestions ... 09 CRF450 ... second time de-comp pin broke ... first time was after 10 hours, I got lucky and found the piece in a cavity of the left side engine cover, Honda gave me a new cam and said there was no repeat failures. Well an hour later she broke again (right after a start-up ... stall ... can't kick start). Now I can't find the piece anywhere. I searched the head, cam chain area, left side engine cover, dragged a magnet all over the place, no metal in the filter, drained oil was clean, looked under the screen of the lower left case, nothing! Where is it?

damn that sucks, i am now on my second one as well and have to find the piece. we found it under the cam and when trying to get it out so i could finish riding that day she fell down into the left side where the chain goes.

you took the ignition cover side off and looked there??

also when you drained the oil did you save it and look in it??

hope you find yours as well as mine, i know your frustration as this is my second one also. i got the new cam also which i believe was just the same thing even though i was told it was updated

i am just gonna order the mdk one so hopefully this doesn't happen again

best of luck


take the bike into honda. They are having a TSB on that issue. Let them find it.

Man, this really sucks. Good luck getting it figured out!

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