98 kx250 setup help.

I'm looking for some CHEAP ways to enhance the performance of my

98kx250. Jetting, mods, ect. Any tips? Thanks in advance.

If the top end isn't fresh, try a new spark plug, piston and rings. A pipe and repacking the silencer will be a bonus. Also new reeds, and a V3 or a Boyesen RAD valve will do wonders too.

The guy i bought it from SAID he replaced the top end. Who knows for sure though. i put a fresh plug in every ride and i need to replace the reeds. do expensive reeds really make that big of a difference? Also can rejetting the carb help?

Put a wiseco piston and new gaskets and reeds in it for sure and you should see a nice increase in power. If the plug is a nice tan then your jetting is fine. You will have to rejet the carb if you put a rad valve or pipe on it.


Jetting for sure on the Rad valve, usually can go 1 leaner on the main. Pipes are usually pretty good. You might want to decarbonize and de gunk the power valve unit.

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